Interplanetary Spacecraft and Satellite Engineering

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The Interplanetary Spacecraft and Satellite Engineering Course is a multidisciplinary course where we will study the components and systems which compose a Spacecraft. My intention is that you understand the main topics regarding the design and engineering of Spacecraft clearly, by describing in clear terms all the systems which operate in a Spacecraft. The structure of the Course is the following: IntroductionSpace EnvironmentOrbital MechanicsSpace PropulsionCommunicationsAttitude ControlPower SystemsWe will discuss topics such as Radiation, Mechanics and Rigid-Body Physics, Autonomous Stabilization, Mission Definition, Spacecraft Dynamics, Photovoltaic Power Generation and many more. The objectives of the Course are for you to understand how the instruments operate, which systems are optimal for each given mission, to identify the components of a Spacecraft, and in fact to be able to Design your own Spacecraft as a Rocket Scientist!I encourage you to begin this journey to Spacecraft Engineering, you won't regret it! If you have any doubts during the course feel free to contact me, I'll answer as quick as possible!

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